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15 October 2010 @ 11:53 am
Good dreams about the apocalypse... I wonder what that says about me  
Last night I had yet another dream about the zombie apocalypse, and it was goddamn incredible. I am one good zombie hunter, or at least my subconscious is pretty adamant that I am. This time, I had gone to a church (it was a actually a jail that had been converted into a church, but there were still inmates there among the normal crowd) and zombies had apparently happened while everyone was in there, so they were all over outside and a couple had gotten in. So I went out to kill some zombies, and when I came back, one of the small group leaders (who ironically was Luthor from RE:Afterlife) had assigned me and one other girl to sing a duet with piano accompaniment for some church activity and wanted us to go practice. The conversation went something like this:

"Here, play this piano."

"...No. We should really think about our zombie problem. Kind of serious."





"You harlot."

Oh, my brain. I love it. So I'm feeling alot better this morning :] Which means, I can go somewhere and do something. Nice! Choices, choices now... I kicked around the international district last week. The Pike area's boring if you're not planning on spending a ton of money. UD is basically pointless if you're not there for classes. The rest of the city is either residential or business, so no going there. This pretty much strikes Seattle off the list. Kirkland is tiny and boring. Bellevue is just medium-sized boring. ...Eh. Guess I'm staying in Redmond, which is also medium-sized boring. WHAT TO DO WITH MY LIIIIIIFE what to do
ヒューラ: Skelletons - Let's Play A Dueteverytwine on October 15th, 2010 07:58 pm (UTC)
That is, to say the least, a pretty interesting dream. I'd like to have a couple zombie hunting dreams for a change. Last night I dreamed about a jealous fashion photographer who killed her rival and stole her portfolio. Everything went okay until the rival came back from the dead as a Japanese yuurei to kill the photographer's boyfriend, and infest every photo with her own face. I think it could make a pretty good movie, actually. But it was scary when I dreamed it, and I'm getting really tired of having nightmares.
Anyway, it sounds like you've been playing a LOT of RE. It kind of makes me want to go buy one of the games or something, so I might add that to my list of things to purchase once I start making a paycheck. :3

Actually, I've never heard any Modest Mouse songs... Or at least, I've never heard any and knew which band it was. I'm not great with that kind of thing sometimes. D: However, I agree with you on the point that those particular lyrics are a load of garbage, and Modest Mouse doesn't know what the hell kind of hippie tree-hugging crap they're signing about. We don't really have the chance to just 'float along' with things when the going gets rough. We have to put up our fists, or raid the local doctor's attic for samurai swords, and hack our way through the bullshit until we find the freakin end of that garbage rainbow. YEAH. FAITO!
Especially since floating along doesn't really help you find a roommate, or a job, or what have you. It just gets you evicted and broke. Unless of course the ol' MM was talking about mentally floating along, in which case, they're still wrong.
I could have shortened that WHOLE speech to simply "I concur", but where's the fun in that?

The hair thing sounds cool! You've had it a red color before, right? Like, back in the good ol' days. Sometimes I think about dying my hair some color, but then I realize that that might just make it all fall out. Or that it wouldn't grow back the proper ginger shade, or something equally gorrific.
...Gorrific was a typo, but I'm gonna keep it. That is a GREAT word.

I really want to try drawing some pictures of our dear docs in super action-y dynamic poses. Like, covered in zombie gore, swinging a blade like a cut-rate samurai wannabe, dead people parts flying everywhere. Yeeeah~ Adashino with blood spattered on his monocle. This will happen.
Speaking of such things, we should cover what kind of zombies the boys are going to have to face. I'm unfamiliar with the RE type, so my brain just reverts to the 28 Days Later brand. Are they similar at all? I kind of hope so, because think about it: Mushishi is so lax. It really wouldn't be much of a change for them is they were fighting the classic, slow zombies. I mean, sure, the villagers would be ZOMBIES, but that mellow Mushishi attitude would remain intact, and there'd be no action at all. XD Anyway, please enlighten me~ I trust in M's wise wisdom. *bow*
Also, you are TOTALLY RIGHT about Adashino's secret under-the-shed laboratory. Though it kind of made me think of I Am Legend. Somehow I don't think Monocle-kun's lab would have caged vampire/zombie rats in it, or an everything-proof wall of glass. But I can still see him in there with Will Smith, going, "Hmm... so that serum didn't quite work out as planned. But maybe if you try to use this instead of that, and inject it directly into the heart..."
Meanwhile, Ginko's pouring salt water in the infected people's ears, hell bent on the idea that THIS WILL CURE ANYTHING, GODDAMNIT.

...So I'll stop right there. That is a crossover of crack that doesn't really need to be written out in it's entirety. (At least not in a comment box)
ヒューラ: umbrella and wallseverytwine on October 15th, 2010 08:09 pm (UTC)
Oh, but back to your theory. I have no idea if Adashino would tell Ginko about the lab. I'm thinking it's a possible "no", just because Ginko likes to admonish monocle-sensei about these kinds of things. He'd give him that =___= look, and be like, "Listen sensei, lecture lecture lecture."

Once upon a time, I went through all our old comments to put some stuff in order, but I think that was only for the Fred and Uchisute story your wrote. I have it all nice and neat in a little file now, but I think I'd like to do the same for the Hellparty.
SO much fangirling. Sometimes I wonder what crack we were taking, but then I remember the POWER OF HOT ANIMU MEN, and realize we were probably compelled against our better natures. Which is okay. I mean, as long as we both promise never to act that way about Edward Cullens, or any other sparklefag, emoteen, or pouty bitchface that has S.Meyer's stamp on it.
I hate that woman. *shakes a fist of enraged smiteful fistyness*

SO. I joined COMBAT!DOCTORS. Though I still need to send a request from Ginkgo-ja-nai... Which...has to be done after I can remember the password. Aheheh..
The problem is that I forgot the first password, so I reset it. Then I wrote the new password down somewhere, and...can't find the notebook I wrote it in. Hum. Well, I'm sure it's in my room somewhere. In fact, I'm going to go look in just a tick. After that, I do believe Ginko needs an icon update!
Actually the idea of finding new icons for that journal sounds abnormally fun right now (I'm pretty excited about this Mushishi zombie invasion) so I'm going to go ahead and stop here, and go find that notebook. WHEEEEE~!

P.S. I really dig the layout you made for COMBAT!DOCTORS. It looks great, and that summary is awesome!