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16 October 2010 @ 10:22 am
"Help, I'm looking for America."  
...I think I just gave a foreign couple wrong directions.

On my way back from procuring coffee and breakfast (And hair dye. Easily sidetracked, whut?) a car inched up on me and freaked me the hell out, because I was thinking of that scene in the Bourne Identity where that grab team abducts a random guy on the street. Granted this was like a goddamn Volkswagen Golf, not a Super Shady Government Grab Team Van, but I have a vivid imagination. So then, this really sweet and friendly but not exactly proficient in English lady sticks her head out the window and asks, "This is where? You are where?"

I'm, um, right here...? Luckily I figured out she was trying to ask, "Where the hell am I? You from around here, kid?" That would be the American translation. Of course the American answer would be "Fuck off," but I put on my diplomacy face because she seemed really nice. And because I like giving directions. Never mind that I'm crap at it~ this is the world's misfortune, not mine.

She was trying to find Microsoft, which is actually REALLY easy to find, so I gave her simple directions (which thanks to her lack of English and my lack of Swedish or whatever language she spoke took about five minutes) which consisted of three turns and maybe ten minutes of driving depending on traffic, and sent her off with wishes of good luck and zombie avoidance and all.

...Then, I realized, saying "I'm looking for Microsoft" is like saying "I'm looking for Shin Ra" or "I'm looking for Umbrella." IT'S EVERYWHERE. There's a branch in every city. There's an office in every building. Which SPECIFIC PART do you need, lady? Should I send you to the Redmond branch, two blocks away? Or the main campus, 10 minutes away? Or the Bellevue towers?

Whatever. I'm having a good day.
ginkgo_ja_nai: midorimonoginkgo_ja_nai on October 16th, 2010 05:49 pm (UTC)
Ah foreigners. One day, I'll be one somewhere, and some native will watch me wander away semi-lost, and think to himself 'ah, foreigners.'

So I'm being lazy too, and no logging out. OHOHOHOHOHO, WHAT NOW?
Though using this username, and typing "OHOHOHO", makes me want to imagine Ginko laughing that way, and it just doesn't work out. He's more of a "heh." kind of guy. If Ginko ever laughed hysterically, that would be the actual end of the planet. He'd just guffaw, and life would be over.

Anyway. YES, divulge unto me your mass of Mushishi fan art! I'm still combing through this Japanese directory, but things are getting done. I'm about to post a few things, because I DO have at least some icons made, and there are some pictures you simply MUST SEE. They're great.

Don't worry too much about lolzing at my dream. I mean, I like horror too. Just not while I'm TRYING TO FRIGGIN SLEEP. But since I surround myself with the bizarre and unnatural while I'm awake, what else do I expect to dream about?
It's just that when I'm dreaming, I can just decide to like the dream. My brain makes me afraid, and I wake up feeling like SOMETHING is in my room watching me sleep. Things like that. D: But I'm not too worried. I'm sure Uchisute will protect me.
...Come to think of it, maybe he's what's watching me. *shudder*

As for meds, I dunno what I'm thinking about the effing Saphris. I don't like playing around with psychotropics, man. I just want a normal brain, that can be happy by itself without crutches and drugs. Why is that too much to ask? D8
But I am going to talk with my doctor guy about changing them. Right now I'm feeling okay apart from the dreams, but if my mood starts to go south, I'm telling this guy to put me on something different.
He's not even a cool doctor, either. He's just some guy from India who talks too quietly. I can't associate him with ANYONE. Tch.
ginkgo_ja_naiginkgo_ja_nai on October 16th, 2010 05:51 pm (UTC)
can't. Can't decide things when i'm sleeping. Blame all my typos and wrong grammar on the fact that my uterus is trying to kill me, and we have no pain killers. 8D
ヒューラ: Flapper - Louiseeverytwine on October 16th, 2010 07:36 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I need to do something about that margin. It's not fun, really. But I can't take the blame for that since I have zero knowledge about LJ layouts. I just used one of the free premade ones. :D
Anyway, I'll get around to doing something about that. One day.

Thanks for all the ginko pictures! You know, I think I saw that samurai one on one of the websites I was browsing. But they had it set up so that I couldn't save it, and I was too tired to think of taking a screencap. Hurp a der.
All's well that ends well though, you have it, so now I'm pleased.
Speaking of pleased, I never really contemplated Ginko's abs before, but that one picture made me realize that he must really be in DAMN find shape. I mean, all the walking around, climbing shit, saving people. Adashino's really the one I picture half naked, (I can't resist a man in a kimono) but I think Ginko needs to be nude more often. (I also can't resist man missing eyeballs.)
I'll bet you could punch Ginko in the stomach, and he'd just kind of go "oof" and glare a little bit.
"Hey, cut it out."

...The managers are allowed to go through your purse? =____= Somehow this seems wrong to me. Personally I'd just leave my tampons where he could see them, and let him deal with how awkward that is. I'd be like, yep, you just touched a tampon. Now you're going to die of the most extreme girl cooties. Bastard.
Knowledge of a woman's period is man's weakness. Right next to getting kicked in the balls, of course. AND MEN SHOULD BE WEAKENED or something. That might be my hormones talking.

...Maybe Ginko inadvertently created Marburg-kun by LOLZING his ass off at something. Obviously that's too crack to be any kind of cannon, but it'd be kind of funny. (Ginko doesn't think so)