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17 October 2010 @ 04:56 pm
Pretty amazing. And of course this song's sort of Vincenty.  

On a completely unrelated note, I feel I should mention how dear to my heart the nandemonai dance is.

Eh... I should put something non-fandom related in this entry.


ヒューラ: Chaplin is full of grinseverytwine on October 18th, 2010 03:16 am (UTC)
I really want to watch these videos you keep posting, but my computer has no sound. T^T Maybe tomorrow I'll steal my sister's laptop while she's at work. She owes me that much, man. I have to drive her there at freakin 6:am or earlier.
Speaking of which, I REALLY want to leave a proper comment right now, but io should get to sleep so I don't drive my car into a tree tomorrow morning. (I've already stayed up way later than usual, but I'm so energetic today)

HOWEVER, you asked for crappy zombie sketches, so before I got to bed, I present you with crappy zombie sketches!

First is Adashino and Ginko sporting BLADES. Well, sheathed blades and ripped clothing, anyway. But you get the idea~ Adashino looks way cooler than Ginko, let me tell you. It's that kimono aesthetic, man. Though I do like the way Ginko's carrying his sword.

Nexto! It's a test run of ACTION!Monocle-sensei! His zombie is invisible right now, but I might do a bigger version of this tomorrow, and I'll actually draw a foe. :P

And last~ Ginko battle!
...you know, for as much as I love horror comics and guro, i'm really not that great at drawing it. I MUST PRACTICE MORE. * ^ * (Also, that is some crappy foreshortening, right there. I tried man, I tried)

And that's all I've got for now~ I'm thinking of prettying these up tomorrow. Maybe inking them and fixing some of those lazy ass lines. But I did have fun, man. ZOMBIE ACTION! I can't wait to draw some more~

Unfortunately, that has to be all for tonight... I'll do a good and proper comment tomorrow morning, yes indeedy. Have a good evening, M!
Oh, P.S. About my last post... Ginko does not have a truck. Sorry about the typo. XD (But if he did, it would be a pickup)
ヒューラ: umbrella and wallseverytwine on October 18th, 2010 12:52 pm (UTC)
8:30 AM, time for a proper comment
UGH, I have been awake since forever! Okay, so really only since 6-ish, but UGH. It's so cold in the mornings, I dislike it greatly. Though I do appreciate having a reason to wear giant scarves. They're just so cozy.

Firstly, I LOLed at that picture you posted! XD Whatever the hell that thing is called, Ginko needs it! If glasses are glasses, like plural, would that thing just be called a glass? Which brings me to my next question, why doesn't he just steal one of Adashino's monocles?
Oh, right, he doesn't actually need glasses in cannon. BUT THEY SUIT HIM.

Congratulations on quitting! that must feel refreshing and nice. :3 i'm glad to heard there wasn't really a big ruckus about it, unless maybe that was a letdown..? But either way, considering how craptastic it was, it's good that you're FINALLY FREE! It's no nice to get rid of horrible things~

I think Adashino's habit of sleeping light will probably save them both, in the long run. I mean, he might lose sleep at first, since I could just picture him jumping at every twig-crack that comes out of the woods. But once he finally adjusts, it'll just be useful that he can hear that raspy zombie breath while he's catching some Z's. I could imagine that Ginko unfortunately tunes that kind of thing out, and has to take a while before his sleeping habits change for the better.
You know, when I think about it, those two are kind of the perfect match as far as zombie survival pairs go. We've got one who's skilled in medicine, and likely very alert, and one who managed to stay calm no matter what, and can probably smash a zombie's head without too much effort.

You're right about Monocle-kun's collection though. D: I was thinking about that too, and it made me sad. XD; But maybe he'll take comfort in the idea that no one's going to be stealing it. The zombies might eat his preserved animals, but i'm sure most of the stuff in his storehouse will remain safe and intact. Don't worry, Monocle! They're after you, not your stuff~ (Now don't you feel better?)

i'm sure that the fishermen DO talk about sensei behind his back. Not in a particularly bad way, but like you said~
"Hey, you had a fever recently, right?"
"Yeah, so?"
"Well, when you were at Adashino-sensei's place, did you happen to see that jar of lizards that all had eight legs?"
"OH MY GOD, I DID. That is the WEIRDEST thing!"
Conversations like these would probably always involve Yajuu. God dammit Yajuu.

By the way, I THINK YOU MIGHT BE READING MY MIND. Because I was thinking about it, and I'm sure that after the two of them are relatively safe, Ginko's first tiny hint of anything NEAR panic would have to be, "Hey, we should go to Tanyuu's place." Because during a zombie invasion, there's probably only two things that Ginko would really get upset over; Dead Tanyuu, or dead Adashino.
So we should definitely add that in later on, once things get rolling. Especially because I agree with you on the idea that Monocle and Tan-tan would become friends (and Ginko would get his version of jealous). Then they can both conspire together to make Ginko act less neutral about everything.
"Goddamnit, Ginko, that zombie nearly ATE YOUR FACE! How are you just standing there smoking calmly? (and where do you keep getting cigarettes from?)"
"Adashino's right~ It sounds mean, but you're way too relaxed about this. It's kind of creepy..."
"Well I didn't get eaten, so there's not really a problem, right?"
That would probably be them. ALL. THE. TIME.

YES HANA KIMI! Isn't it magical and great? 8D i really want to watch it again~ It's like...as happy as a cup of coffee!
About Umeda; he was one of my favorites! It freaked me out a little that they never explained why he has blue eyes, but whatever. He was a great character (though NOTHING AT ALL like the Umeda from the manga, which I could never read past volume 1). I think the show is a great improvement on the original story~ So much love~ Ah, it makes me happy to remember it. |3
ヒューラ: Jumpingeverytwine on October 18th, 2010 01:10 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you like the sketches~ i guess I'll let my hand stick around for a while longer. but you haven't seen all the practice sketches I did, trying to warm up. XD They're terrible. Ginko looks like a bedraggled little boy, and Adashino... *headashake* But I think I'm getting back into the swing of things. I just need to get used to drawing my action-y poses, instead of women with tentacles for hair. XD
Also, I should do something about Ginko's clothing. It's just SO not awesome, all ripped up like that. :\ Maybe it needs less rips? Maybe I'll add his long coat, and that will had a better look to it. Heroes always need to either wear kimono, or trenchcoats. This is the new rule.

SO. Now I'm going to go write up my post~ and then I think I'll make some hot tea. It's kind of chilly, even inside. :( I'd like to get my hands warm before I try to draw anything today.

By the by, I don't think I ever really said thank you for these awesome effing copic pens. THANK YOU! I've been using them a lot lately, and they're just friggin awesome. I especially love the brush pen, and the teeny tiny one. These are way better than the V5 pens I used to use. :3
ヒューラeverytwine on October 19th, 2010 01:50 pm (UTC)
Sorry I posted and then took off without a reply last night. I was pretty tired~ Hopefully writing first thing in the morning is early enough to make up for that.

So, you've now got TWO roommates to take over for you? That's pretty great~! It sounds like everything falling into place for you. :3 Don't you love when life is like "Okay, enough of this unhelpful BS. Here, have some great news."
I know I love it.

Heh, getting used to Tanyuu hanging out with them will probably take a while. I could imagine that Adashino and Ginko fall into certain routines at first, which are slightly disrupted by having a third person around. I could be implying things like the obnoxious fangirl that I am~ But what I really mean is like, finding food for three instead of two, and sleeping in a different set of shifts, and making accommodations for a girl who can only hobble around at best. But since Tanyuu is pretty bitchin, I'm sure she'll get used to things quickly. Something that she has in common with Ginko is that she seems to accept things how they come, and deal with it. (She did have a bit of an emo spell once, unlike Ginko, but got over that without too much issue.) And anyway, I think in a way she'd enjoy it, since she and Ginko did promise each other they'd travel together one day. Tanyuu would be the type of girl who sees the positive side of a zombie invasion. XD
"Tanyuu... What are you smiling about? There's zombies everywhere."
"Yeah, but I just love hanging out with you two. I'm having fun!"
"...Having fun. This isn't a picnic you know."
"I know, but..Hey! A picnic would be great though, right? Let's have one after we get rid of this hoard!"
"Ginko, I'm starting to wonder about the people you meet."
"Don't forget to include yourself in that, sensei."
And cue the laugh track.
Also, Tanyuu using senbon would be pretty awesome. I can also picture her being pretty good at archery.

You thought pens wouldn't be useful to me? XD Of course they are! (speaking of useless, what about those seashells I sent you?) Though... I'm not too great at inking. I don't make things look very pro at all. However, I like having clean black lines for certain things, so I use those pens for at least half the stuff I draw. :3 They're also the only ink pens I've got that don't smudge when I go over them with the copic markers. I guess it's because they're the same brand, but damn that's useful. I get so pissed when I smudge things.

I had a big thing for Kamikawa (Umeda) when I first saw Hana Kimi. I have no idea why, since he's not actually my type. However, some characters just don't fit my personal preference, but I love them to death anyway. Way to go Umeda, for breaking the mold!
But I think it got balanced out by Shuichi. His whole "I'm not gay!" dilemma was hilarious. Kind of typical, but hey. I love that actor~ I was so excited when I found out that he was in Akihabara@DEEP. (Even though Page was my ultimate favorite in that show. Oh my god he was so adorable and nerdy)

You know, all this Mushishi RP is really making me want to finish Heart of the Sea. I mean, I've been wanting to, but now I'm actually getting over the block I had for it. I finally know what I want to do with chapter five, thank goodness. I feel really guilty about the fact that people have been adding it to their story alert of FF.net, but haven't gotten an update in years.
Of course, I'm not writing it for THEM, but still. D: I hate starting something and never finishing it. And I think HotS was worth finishing. I'll probably do that after I write up a starting post for Combat Doctors.
ヒューラ: i like octopieverytwine on October 20th, 2010 01:51 am (UTC)
Well thanks, Yahoo, for not telling me I had a reply. *scowl* I swear. It leads me to believe that it's a pretty decent email service, and then it eats everything I get from LJ. FIE. I might just switch to my hotmail account... My yahoo address is a little dated.

I'm pretty excited about Tale of Genji. Though I'd kind of like to know more about the original story before I see the movie. Sadly, I've never read it, and I feel ashamed. D: But since Shuichi's in it, maybe now I'll be more inclined to update myself on Japanese literature. Thanks Ikuto! Too bad I still have to wait till 2011 for the movie, though. This is going to be like waiting for the Mushishi Love Action to come out. (And I'm still pissed that Adashino wasn't in it at all!)

You're right about the 'garden' thing. The Japanese love to put words together that, by all rights, should never be introduced. There was some TV series with a similar title... not something-garden. Some other words, one of which is used a lot for cool nonsense titles. AUG, it'll drive me nuts trying to figure out what it is.
Unless... maybe I'm thinking of Glass Sea? And also Glass Skin. I think that was actually it.
Speaking of which, you should really listen to Glass Skin. It's from Dir En Grey's most recent album, "Uroboros". You should really check it out~

You're right about fathers. I have two and they're both deadbeat assholes. I think that if I ever have enough money to hire a hitman, I'd seriously consider doing it. Maybe I'll start saving up... Ugh. (I'd rather off the bastard myself, but I don't want to look him in the face ever again)

Violence IS nice~ On occasion, I really wish I had someone to fistfight with. The only problem is that anyone with similar strength as me is probably a girl, and therefore a slapper, not a puncher... And any guy would probably be too strong. Not to mention the chance the a good punch might cost me some teeth, and I really want to keep those in my mouth.
Maybe I'll buy a punching bag! There's an idea. :O (I'll also settle for drawing zombie fights)
I think you and I are just the types that deal with issues the way nature intended; by committing murder. Think about it. Do lions bitch at each other when they have a problem? Nope! They just kick each other's asses. Violence is probably therapeutic because it's how nature resolves issues. WE ARE MEANT TO CAUSE BODILY HARM TO THOSE WHO PISS US OFF.
If I say it in all caps, it makes it true.

I also enjoy Home Depot a lot~ Going there gives me ideas about what I'd like my house to look like, and daydreaming that I'm a homeowner makes me feel housewifeish and happy. This goes against my I HATE MEN nature, but there you go. I like the idea of being a housewife, but I don't actually want to get married for that to happen.
Why am I talking about this because of Home Depot...? =___=
It does smell good there. Like... ehm. Like Home Depot. There's not really one thing I could point out. IT IS THE SMELL OF POSSIBILITY. They need to use that line to make a commercial.

Well, because I've told you to watch Hana Kimi, I've been rewatching it myself~ It's such a feel good show. I was pretty bummed this morning, but I'm feeling much better now. Zombie invasions, Dr. Umeda, and Shuichi will do that for a girl~
Have I mentioned that I love Umeda's women phobia? Somehow it suits his personality. XD I dunno.
ヒューラ: umbrella and wallseverytwine on October 21st, 2010 02:00 pm (UTC)
Don't worry too much over not replying RIGHT AWAY. I know that you life doesn't revolve around the internet, and I figured they you were probably busy with stuff. Of course, I was wrong about WHAT. I had no idea you were moving out already. XD; But I kind of thought it had something to do with the new rommmates, since you had mentioned you sister was causing problems of some sort.
Either way, I understand when you've got stuff to do~ NEVER FEAR. D-SAMA IS UNDERSTANDING AND JUST. *cape billows in the wind*

I love that Umeda's been hired. I should have expected that, but I think I've been too busy thinking about zombies. He really is somewhat like Adashino~ I don't think it's just your fangirling for him that makes him seem that way. I could imagine that this is what Adashino would have been like if he lived in a harsher environment. Like Edo. Or whatever it was called during the Meiji era. Or..whenever they are.
The point I'm trying to make is that if Adashino were a doctor in a big city, I'm sure he'd be much more like Umeda. As it stands, he's got all the goodly people of his tiny fishing village to keep him gentle (if not a bit eccentric).
But, like that scene where Umeda grabs Ashiya's injured foot, I could totally see Adashino doing something similar to Ginko to convince him that he needs more bed rest.
Ginko: "Well sensei, I'm feeling okay. I should probably get going before your house gets infested with mushi."
Adashino: *grinds his knuckles into Ginko's bruised ribs* "Oh, you're going already? Well take care~ " ^^ *grind grind*
Ginko: "Hurk! ...M-maybe I'll just lie back down..."
Adashino: "Whatever you think is best." ^^

Hana Kimi IS like a drug! It's like the very best crack. I hate that the series had to end! D: There's a Korean drama for Hana Kimi as well, but I don't know if I could bring myself to watch it. I got so attached to the Japanese cast that I don't really want another version. I do hear the k-drama is good though. Korea always has really great dramas. But I think without Umeda and Shuichi, Hana Kimi just wouldn't be the same. I LOVE YOU IKUTO TOMOOO~!
Also, THANK YOU FOR THE LINK to dramacrazy!! I think they even have Zettai Kareshi, which I've been meaning to finish since five hundred years ago. :D
Aug, dorama~ they make me so happy. Oh look, Coffee Prince is also there~ I need to look up that list of things I wanted to watch! (How am I going to have time for this, when i'm starting work next week...? D: )

Eeh..Minami...? He's the leader for dorm 2, right? HAH, give him red hair, I could totally see him as Reno. XD
Oh by the way, what episode are you on so far? I'm curious~

I think at one point, I watched almost ever samurai movie that Vision Video had to offer. Well, a good portion of them, anyway. There's a few I just couldn't sit through, like The Seven Samurai. It was just too slow, and too long. I didn't even get to a fight scene before I gave up on it. But I kind of want to try again... I feel like not watching Akira Kurosawa's movies is some kind of sin. (At least I made it through Ran. Ran was very good.)
Anyway, when you get the time, you should really watch Sword of the Stranger. It's one of the best animated movies I've seen! Really great fights, lots of amazing detail (like how Nanashi was holding his breath at the end of his fight with the blonde guy), and all the characters! they're all really really great characters. Even the villains have depth and awesomeness. Not to mention, if you thought that fight scene was cool, you should see it in context to the rest of the movie. HOMG SO SUSPENSEFUL. And Nanashi is a real trooper, man. He goes through a lot for that kid, and they don't even know each other.
Now I'll shut up before I start talking about spoilers. XD But definitely watch it~

Haah~ I'm always open for commissions. Though, like you said, it might be better to wait till i'm feeling more confident about my stuff. 9__9; You're one of the last people i'd want to give half-assed art to.
Speaking of art, and giving it, I still have that watercolor of Kanda that I did for you. If you like, I can send it to you along with your box. :3 It looks a little better in person that it does in the scan.
ヒューラ: Chaplin is full of grinseverytwine on October 21st, 2010 02:09 pm (UTC)
If you'd like to do a layout for me, that'd be pretty cool. I'm really not great with making LJ pretty. :\ I built my own website from scratch when I was like 18, but I can't fix my LJ. Go figure. :P
Honestly, my current layout is just there to keep things from looking so cramped. I was getting tired of it cutting off the pictures I was posting.

Well, I think it about time for a second cup of coffee. Then it's to work on Ginko's post, and after that...? i might have to put off drawing in favor of some j-drama. I get to steal my sister's computer for the day, and I want to take advantage of that. Mwahaha~

I dunno if it's the caffeine, or the idea of working after a year of joblessness, but the closer I get to my starting date, the more anxious I'm feeling. Like all of a sudden I don't have any time to do anything, and I'm really nervous. It's confusing, because at the same time I'm also still feeling excited about it, and pretty confident that this job will be a breeze.
Maybe I'm it's just orientation I'm worried about.
Anyway, there's my thoughts on the matter. It makes me feel better to blab about it. Thanks for reading. XD
ヒューラ: i like octopieverytwine on October 22nd, 2010 04:39 pm (UTC)
Aug, the ending. THE ENDING. I can't quite remember it in detail~ I'm still on episode 9 right now. I just got done watching that paranoid teacher try to ruin Shuichi's future in soccer. HE DID IT OUT OF CONCERN AND FEAR, SO THAT MAKES IT OKAY. I consider the episode pure filler.
Anyway, Umeda driving a bus. Yeeeah. I don't know about that. But if you remember the episode where everyone goes to the beach, Umeda actually has a really swanky blue sports car. :D I think that suits him much better. (It matches his abnormal eyes)

AAAHAHAHAHA THAT SHOOP. That is JUST LIKE when I shooped Nomura-san to look like Adashino. XD I loled forever. But you're SO RIGHT. Minami and Reno have the exact same chin and eyebrows. It's kind of creepy... That boy stepped right out of fiction-land!
Oh my god, that shoop. XD It's too perfect.Give the boy a pair of freakin goggles!

I'll take a look at the Mintyapple place~ I'm sure I'll find something nice. Then again, I'm not LJ fashion-savvy, so I might pick out something lame. Hah. Anyway, thanks for offering to help out. I'll let you know when I've decided on MY FUTURE LAYOUT. *places an echo effect*

If I'm lucky, I won't have to spend five bijillion hours at work. I'm okay with only a couple days off per week, but long shifts are really exhausting. And like a crazy moron, i told them I could be available for hours like 5:am. D: WHY DID I TELL THEM THAT?? (So they'd hire me of course.)
But I can't imagine there's TOO VERY MUCH to do in produce. Probably just a lot of unloading trucks, and making sure things don't go bad or get bruised.
If all else fails, I can just pretend the fruit is secretly a means to ship bio-chem warfare samples to a top secret military unit that goes around disguised as a grocery store.
At Carmike, I called the master computer the 'space station', and pretended I was in a facility orbiting earth, and doing important shit to save the planet.
Kind of like your ninja missions. :D Unfortunately, there was no way at all to pretend the gas station job was anything near interesting.
Boy oh boy, I can't wait to start my work in the bio-chem warfare unit. THE THINGS I WILL LEARN FOR MRI, AAAHAHAHAHAHAAA~!

I think I'll place Uchisute in charge of the bio-chem unit~ No one will ask about his appearance. They'll just assume it was an accident at the job.
ヒューラeverytwine on October 22nd, 2010 05:01 pm (UTC)
I just realised I used caps like waaay too much in that reply. Wow. I think the coffee really hit me strong today.
ヒューラeverytwine on October 22nd, 2010 06:43 pm (UTC)
So, I kind of feel like I approve of this layout: http://community.livejournal.com/mintyapple/673647.html

If something could be done about the monkey thing at the top.