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07 October 2010 @ 01:38 pm
Just for the sake of fleshing out the new journal, have these RE fics.  
Title: You Can Stand Under My Umbrella
Fandom: Resident Evil 4
Genre/Rating/Pairings: Humor, G, no pairings
Summary: Working as a bodyguard didn't turn out to be so bad for Leon.

Title: The Zombie Hunter's Guide to Social Science
Fandom: Resident Evil 4/Resident Evil: Degeneration
Genre/Rating/Pairings: Humor, PG, LeonxAngela
Summary: Zombies, Leon can handle just fine... But humans? That might be a bit much.

And on that note welcome to my new home, Zombie Armada.
Julie: just a scratchomerte on October 8th, 2010 10:16 am (UTC)
That was quite an entertaining story =) I really like the way you've portrayed Leon <3
Hope to read more RE stories from you.
Let's amputating!: [Leon] And we'll all float onzombie_armada on October 9th, 2010 02:19 am (UTC)
Thanks! And thanks for the add, too. Your journal is FULL of win. And Chris underneath Leon. Yum. I have to say that Dante, Chris and Leon getting wasted is def one of my favorite renders :]
Julie: twins sundaeomerte on October 10th, 2010 08:21 am (UTC)
Aw, thank you! ^^ RE needs more Chris/Leon action ;)
ヒューラ: Fred Maischeverytwine on October 8th, 2010 12:12 pm (UTC)

I had to leave SOME kind of comment. You know, to help break it in.
And I'd type more if I wasn't still half asleep. Driving my sister to class at 6:30 am is not really how I like to spend my mornings.

Anyway, I'll leave a proper comment later today, when I'm awake. :D
Let's amputating!zombie_armada on October 9th, 2010 02:29 am (UTC)

I have no idea why people think being awake early is so cool. I'm an opener now rather than a closer and it's sort of really nice, but it also sort of makes me want to kill myself sometimes. Like when my roommates can't quiet down and I have to be walking to work in three hours. Oh, life... STAY STRONG COMRADE. And drink some coffee.
ヒューラ: i like octopieverytwine on October 10th, 2010 05:02 pm (UTC)
Yes, coffee is what I do best, these days. Without it I will surely die. And forget that apparently my body hates it. My spaceheart and megasoul NEED it, and my physical form can go to hell and stay there. This is what I have decided. A little discomfort now and then is well worth the comfort I get from a cup of Jittery Joes.
Speaking of which, I'm still planning on sending you some once I have money to buy a few canisters. I think you'll love it. Just stay patient with me. Box #2 WILL happen one day! *DETERMINATION*
Let's amputating!: [stock] dutifulzombie_armada on October 11th, 2010 04:34 am (UTC)
YOUR DETERMINATION IS SO INSPIRING I am all pumped up too. It's gonna be the holidays again soon so I'm putting together box #2 for you, too :] Oh man, coffee... I can't believe how much I spend on it. It's scary. I need to start having coffee at home every morning rather than getting it on the way to work, because I've given Starbucks enough to start a new nation and furnish its military in the last four days, I think. Okay, it was more like $25, but whatever.
ヒューラ: Jumpingeverytwine on October 14th, 2010 01:23 pm (UTC)
I will post this HERE, as it used to be done, back in the nostalgic days of olde
Holy man, you have typed A LOT. I kind of wish I had seen this sooner. Like yesterday, when you posted it. Man, I was so bummed yesterday, this would have been better than coffee for me.
But today's great! So far I've gotten a phone call telling me I landed the job! I'm not even starting at minimum wage, man. I'm kicking it off at $8 an hour, and I'm beginning to wonder if it's purely because that's what I asked for (and seemed impressive enough to deserve).
I hate to say it, but I really think that having that Carmike management position under my belt does me a world of good sometimes. From start to finish, the whole job gave me a lot of useful experience that I can pretty much apply to any other job. Especially because I stayed long enough to crawl from the very bottom to the very top, and worked EVERY position they had, except general manager. Well Carmike, I hate you and I hope you burn in hell, but thanks for all the useful brain stuff.

SO. Before I actually write a reply to your stuff, LET ME TELL YOU OF MY SHORTASS INTERVIEW. I mean, that is the first thing you asked for, so technically I'm not ignoring your comments. (also, forgive any spelling or grammatical errors, I've essentially been awake since 3:am)
So, they sat me on a bench to wait, where I decided to draw some stuff to keep myself from getting agitated. Dude comes up and say hi, and I fumble with my little notepad trying to shake his hand. So I wind up flustered anyway. Go figure. For whatever reason, I've been having trouble with social anxiety lately, so once I sat down in dude's office I was trying my damndest not to shake like a cracked-out coffee addict. Thank you, purse, for giving me something to hold on to.
But that was about as eventful as it got, really. I managed to stay chill-looking at least, and dude asked me about Carmike and the gas station, and what I liked and disliked about both places. I told him that Carmike would have been great if the new management hadn't been doing drugs and screwing each other in the office. (Did I ever tell you about that? I don't think I have. I WILL TELL YOU SHORTLY.) I'm sure my disdain for that kind of behavior won me some points. :P
So, he also asked me to describe to him what my idea was of good customer service, and asked if I knew anything about produce. It was all pretty generic, and to-the-point really.
But I feel bad that I can't remember dude's name. There was the hiring manager, and some other guy sitting in with us. I thiiiiink I recall a Brian, and possibly a David? But at the point when they gave me names I was more concerned with the fact that my whole body was going bright red. (Whee, ginger complexion makes life so much more embarrassing!)
So, pointlessly long story short, dude said thank you, he'd call me, bye bye. And I went home slightly stressed out no the idea that maybe I talked too fast, or seemed too much of a spaz.
ヒューラ: Chaplin is full of grinseverytwine on October 14th, 2010 02:17 pm (UTC)
Apparently that first post could have been a LOT longer. I'll be sure to make up for it with NUMBER TWO.

So, I read that comment you linked me to. I don't think you came off as rude at all. Though I was like, HOLY SHIT this girl would get along with my uncle. Seriously, I think he'd love you. He likes to rattle off information about guns like nobody's business, but I can't really appreciate what he's talking about. I really like guns, but for me it's "Gimmie the thing and let me shoot some stuff!" When it gets technical, I kind of go glassy-eyed. Though that really applies to lots of things besides guns.
Anyway, the point is, the comment didn't seem bitchy. You just looked like you knew what you were talking about, and were offering your brain knowledge. And if dude gets bent out of shape about it, well, baw. It's the internet. He can cry. (No who's being bitchy?)

It's good that you got the rest of the week off. I know at this point it's really only an extended weekend, really, but it'll still be good. It's not great to work with injured hands, and your boss can go cry. That is my answer to all emopants and butthurt folks. GO. CRY.
Then again, I never give myself that advice when I'm being an emopants. But LJ is for venting and feeling sorry for oneself in public, so that's okay. Anyway, if I told myself to go cry, I might hurt my feelings. And then I wouldn't be on speaking terms with me, and that usually makes the living space reeaaally awkward.

...I really should't try talking on little sleep and no breakfast.

Yet I continue onwards!

I liked that picture you posted. It does kinda look like Adashino... I could really see him lying on the floor like that, thinking about how much he misses his wandering lettuce. Sometimes Adashino has bad days, and doesn't feel like his salad is quite complete. It's very sad, so he has to lay on his very reflective floor and talk to himself to feel better. He pretends his reflection is Ginko, who he is lying on top of.
...Okay, so the REAL Adadshino isn't lame like that, and doesn't really feel like less of a tomato for not being with Ginko. I'm sure Adashino feels very tomato-y all the time, which is what Ginko appreciated about him. That, and the dashing way he sports a monocle.

It really HAS been a long time, hasn't it? 2007? Sheesh! Three years so far, we have known each other, and been Mushishi fans. That's pretty devoted, let me tell you. Even if we're not sacrificing every moment of our waking hours to fagasming over Mushishi, it's still pretty impressive. I mean, lots of people become fans of things and then toodle off to be fans of something else. WE ARE ROCKSTEADY. Or something.
Now I really want to rewatch some good ol' Mushishi. :D Good thing I have the box set. Sweeet~
ヒューラ: Ladies with gunseverytwine on October 14th, 2010 02:18 pm (UTC)
Of COURSE I still remember those crazy jokes. They're lodged deeply in my spaceheart forever. Nui's thumbs still freak me out though. It's weird that you would bring all the up just now though, because I had recently been thinking about watching the live action movie again. I still can't quite make sense of it... I mean, the subtitles help a bit, but... Just WTF. I think the basic idea is that Ginko's eye socket gets infested with the crap that ate Nui? I don't even know.
I still love those journals, btw. Those and the Death Note ones. XD I still have all my passwords for them and everything~ Though, I think the death of the Mushishi ones was kind of my fault, since I never did finish that comic page I was supposed to do. I do still have the sketches for it, but it never wanted to get finished. I look at them and feel guilty. D:
That was pretty fun, though. I'm still pretty curious about Marburg-kun. That never did get resolved, did it? Ginko just showed up, and they both passed out. XD They have been sleeping ever since!
I think I would like to continue that~ I still like it a lot. Though I dunno how reliable I can be for IMs, since half the time, my computer is a douchebage. HMMM. This may take some arranging back and forth, and suchlike. We can make plans!

For now, I will stop here. I feel like I'm starting to be weird. Also, I still need breakfast, and Jittery Joes stops serving biscuits at 11. I have my heart sent on breakfast there, so I really better take off.
Toodle pip and so on~! Have a lovely day!
ヒューラ: Fred Maischeverytwine on October 14th, 2010 07:46 pm (UTC)
Oh my gosh, you know, I really haven't had an actually GOOD day for a while. D: I mean, you don't realize it too much when it's crappy all the freakin time, until you get a nice break. Then it's like someone opened a window, and you find out how dank the air really was. Or something. Either way, it feels really nice to be excited about something and happy. It's not even a muted happy, either. It's HAPPY. Really lovely.
Hopefully things will go right for you too, really soon. Then we can both be like WHEEEE, LIFE IS GRANDE. YES, WITH THAT UNNECESSARY E~!
And don't worry about the capslock. It seems to be catching. XD
Also, red and black. BLEAH. That's the colors for UGA's football team. I see so much red and black in Athens that the color combo makes me want to hit people. I really dislike football. Hopefully you can get that spot at Claire's, and get out of the red. (I look horrible in it too. You do not put red hair with red clothing.)
Speaking of redheads, I did know about the pain tolerance thing. :D I mean, it's always been something people say, but it's actually been proven, too. I dunno if you watch Mythbusters, but there's an episode in which Adam and Jamie are doing an experiment to see if men have more pain tolerance than women. The women won, because we're awesome of course. And THEN Adam took ALL the test results he got, and compared them to redheads of any gender. The redheads won out by a CRAZY percentage. I was pretty impressed.
This further proves that gingers are probably from another planet. (Or afflicted by some kind of mushi)

I think our boxing wars are somewhat doomed to be spread out over the course of years and years. But in a way, that's kind of a good thing. It means we're forced to put some actual thought into what we're sending, instead of shipping brainless gifts, like those singing birthday cards. At least, that's how I feel about the issue. Because those singing cards are damn shrill.

My uncle is like you~ You both have this impressive amount of brain that's filling with neat gun stuff. If the zombie invasion happens, you should totally meet up with me in CO, and exchange gun nerdery with him while shooting flesheaters. I'll be the helpful sidekick that carries all the bullets, or something. And um... I'll also make sandwiches. I make some dang good sandwiches.

As to a Mushishi zombie invasion, I think you might be no to something! Pesky little Marburg-kun, eating all the fishermen. We'd have to think of a reason why Ginko and Adashino don't get infected~ Or eaten. Well. Obviously they don't get eaten because they're awesome, but you know what I mean. :P
Those guys are totally meant to be zombie hunters anyway. Adashino would be like LET ME STUDY THIS, and Ginko would be all chill with his bamboo skewer. Oh, omfg, they could steal some old samurai swords or something. AAHAHA, that would be amazing. I think this needs to happen now. GO MAKE THAT RP COMM, YES!

Heh heh, "Love Action". I had actually almost forgotten about that, which is a crime. Love Action must never be forgot! it makes me think of those creepster Mcsketchy dating video games, where you have a selection of girls to virtually go out with.
Love Action Mushi-Chan! Either you play as Ginko, and he's trying to score points with Adashino, or various mushi... OR you play as yourself, and just try to get dates with all the hot guys from the show. Or you play as a mushi. Eheheh. I feel really sketchy.
There also needs to be a zombie version of that game.

Hey, you know what else I just remembered? That weird business meeting we kind of half-RPed once upon a time, where us and a bunch of anime guys all went to hell for some reason. I really need to find out where those are, because holy man, that was some crack worth re-reading.

As for the fossil trip, you're totally invited! I dunno whenabouts it would be, but next summer would be cool. It's really just a matter of figuring out how fast I can save up, and which vacation is going to happen first. Though I might just cram everything together into on big trip... Hmmm. Or at least, Colorado and Wyoming might happen one after the other. I DON'T KNOW. I'll have my people contact your people and we'll work something out.