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14 October 2010 @ 05:55 pm
Herein an account is given  
So let's try using the journal for... Journaling purposes. Original, huh? We're breaking new ground.

Having time off work feels so good. Sure, burning my hand was painful, but I also think it was some mysterious force saying, 'TRY A VACATION, YOU ASSHAT.' Sometimes we workaholics need to be slapped upside the head with logic. Or burned on the hand with water. Whatever.

Seriously, though, this cafe I'm working in is classified as a form of torture in sixteen nations, not because the work is bad but mainly because of the people I work with. This girl Allyssa who's not usually in the cafe got scheduled there the other day, so she gets on shift and says, "Wow, five cafe hours. Who'd I piss off?" ...God, motherfucker. At least, that's my theory. I was glad to see her suffer because she's a powertripping lackey that deserves to die, but I also had to acknowledge (yet again) the fact that, yes, this job is ten kinds of torment. Burns being only one. Really, hell has nothing on Seattle's Best Coffee.

On to happier issues, my hair is currently becoming light auburnish red. Sort of a carmelly color. I feel good about this. Rinsing the dye out in about fifteen minutes. And then, having salmon for dinner and reading the rest of The Umbrella Conspiracy and playing RE4, and perhaps Crisis Core too, and then maybe breaking out the ink bottle and painting something. Lovely.

Oh, and I should finish cleaning my room. And the rest of the house, and think about what kind of flowers would look best on the dining room table. By 'look best' I mean 'communicate LIVE HERE LIVE HERE to the prospective roommate who'll be visiting Sunday.' I think I'll bake something, too. Something with cinnamon. Apple cobbler, anyone? :]

Also: I found a recipe for homemade eggnog. Apparently you can use just about any type of alcohol you like. Brandy, bourbon, rum, and whiskey are popular choices. I wonder if coffee liqueur would be too heavy? This must be tested...