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22 October 2010 @ 10:54 pm
Baby Names, or This Is Not World of Warcraft  
There's this trend where parents are giving their kids more and more 'original' names. Okay, I understand each child is a beautiful unique snowflake... But do they need to sound like something out of a second rate fantasy game? Here's how you can tell if your child's name is appropriate for the life they'll probably lead. Put it into the blanks in these sentences, then read each aloud. If your child's name sounds like it naturally fits into the evenly numbered sentences, good work, you're pretty tasteful. If it fits well into the oddly numbered sentences... Back to the drawing board, you vain egocentric pre-parent. No child is THAT special.

1) Prince(ss) __________ delivered the magical ring to his/her fairy Aunt so her scoliosis would be cured.

2) __________ bought some Spaghetti-Oh's without meatballs because he/she is a vegetarian.

3) Enchanted crystal in hand, __________ read Dr. Phil to the hydra to soothe it.

4) "No," __________'s friend said, "You shouldn't join the track team. They don't have a wheelchair division."

5) Hefting his/her broadsword, __________ cried, "We shall avenge King Amulon! Archers at the low ready! Defend Freedomtown from the Dragon Army!"

6) __________ hates Halo but loves Call of Duty and that doesn't make ANY sense, does it?

7) The King Unicorn had a fight with his unicorn wife, so he sent a carrier hawk with a letter asking __________ for advice.

8) "No I don't want a Slurpee," __________ said, "I just slammed a Dew."

9) Rumors of __________'s talent in the joust have traveled across the kingdom and drawn many opponents to this year's Joust 'n' Barbecue extravaganza. The beer garden is totally packed out.

10) After the invading hordes burned down __________'s thatched-roof cottage, he/she rebuilt it with his/her own hands because he/she has the skills to pay the bills. Queen Gwendolynyveria was so impressed she knighted him/her.

In case I haven't driven the point home, here are some helpful examples.

Names That Are Tasteful: Mark, Sarah, Jordan, Kyle, Claire

Names That Are Too Extravagant: Kavin, Leonidas, Tavien, Harmonia, Persephone
ヒューラ: Flapper - Louiseeverytwine on October 23rd, 2010 07:40 pm (UTC)
*raises hand* Given that I don't consider myself a candidate to be a future parent, I exempt myself from this test.
Now then...

*drags herself into the office* C-coffee~! *wither*
Uchisute: Well I'd help you out, but I'm Very Busy using my feet for standing right now.
Ginko: I guess you didn't survive orientation, D-sama?
D: Oh, I made it. It was just...so...BORING.
L: I would have said 'informative'.
Ginko: With you, isn't everything 'informative'?
L: Knowledge is power.
Fred: And power corrupts.
L: I think you'll find it doesn't.
Uchisute: I think you'll find my foot in your face if you don't shut up.
L: *drop-kicks the unruly armless man*
Fred: Well, it looks like L's purity and un-corruptible nature have been more than proven~
Uchisute: K-kiss ass albino...
Ginko: I'd like to request a transfer~ This place has become a bit violent.
D: The topic of conversation seems to have moved entirely away from me having coffee... T^T

ANYWAY. Looks like a few people didn't make it. I'll have to crack down on my ninja team, and a few others. Tut tut.
speaking of people now making it, with the economy the way it is, what kind of person scores a job and then doesn't bother to come to orientation? Some guy didn't show up today. He's totally fired. (What a short career.)
You (and google) were right about orientation~ It's just a lot of sitting and staring, and watching cheap videos about how I'm Very Important to the working environment, and blah, and customer service, and blah blah. But like I said, that's fine by me. I just wish it wasn't 5 hours, since I really don't see how the importance of customer service can possibly need that much extra emphasis. But at least I'm getting paid for my time there, and the fed us lunch.
Yes, way to sound like a total moocher, D.

Yeeeeah, episode 9 and the Ass Grabbing. I have no idea what that was about. I almost want to say he was doing it just to screw with the teacher, and not actually because he was interested. It makes more sense than him turning into Mr. Grabbyhands, and then reverting back without a word.

Aug, have I mentioned that i'm effing tired? I'm effing tired. D: And I really want to write Ginko's post, but my back DOES NOT want me to sit down anymore. MY SPIIIIIIINE. *crumple*
However, I think I might persevere, and write that post anyway. Who needs a spine? There's Japanese zombies that need killing! YOSH, OKAY DESU. Looks like I'll be having a third cup of coffee today.

Money is always nice to have, especially when you're getting ready for a move. However, sometimes emotional goodness is more important than money, and it sounds to me like quitting was worth the lack of moolah. And if you've got your parents to help support you for a while, you should be okay for money too. I have no idea what your arrangement is with them as far as that goes, but at least you'll be rent-free for a while?

Umeda DOES seem to have very Adashino-like facial expressions. If we could somehow make Nomura's fact do what Kamikawa's face does, I think we'd have a great Adashino. So... basically Kamikawa and Nomura need to have a baby together, and buy it lots of monocles.
As for Ginko's smoking habits, I think he can just blame that on Nui. Except that he doesn't remember Nui, or that she smoked her mushi repellent, so... never mind. On my end, that whole conversation was useless. Maybe Ginko just wants to look cool.

Thanks for working on that layout! :D I'm kind of predictable with colors, aren't I? Haah. Neutral greys and browns, what the heck?
Anyway, I shall stop here and go work on Ginko's post~ After I fetch another cup of coffee.
ヒューラeverytwine on October 23rd, 2010 07:44 pm (UTC)
Pay no attention to those numerous typos behind the curtain...
ヒューラ: umbrella and wallseverytwine on October 24th, 2010 12:05 pm (UTC)
Adashino sensei~! *hugs him and injects herself* I'll need it for today, since I'm up for another round of Publix lectures. Really I'm just in a hurry to start working. I need to check that incoming 'produce' for bugs and fatal chemicals, and fun things like that! (Actually my goal is that paycheck.)

I really should be getting ready right now, but I think I can afford a few more minutes...
Oh, I meant to say earlier; Sorry Ginko's post is so boring!! *bow* I meant to add some interesting events, but I thought it might be best to wait until my next turn. I didn't want to pile it in at the bottom after the post had already gotten kind of long. D: But I guess we're allowed the occasional "So he gathered some food" posts, right. I mean, they do need to eat.
Maybe I should have had a nap before I wrote anything. :P

Yeeah, I dunno about that guy who didn't show up. I almost want to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he got some other job. But... I really just suspect he's a slacker. It kind of pisses me off, since I had to work hard just to find a place to interview me, let alone actually hire me. If someone tells me to go to orientation, I EFFING GOING.
Just watch, that guy will show up today and expect everything to be alright.

Sounds like your parents are being pretty awesome about the financial stuff~ :D The new roomies, too. Everything seems to be falling into place neatly, which must feel flippin awesome! 83 I think things are starting to do the same thing for me~ Probably it'll be moreso once I actually start working. It seems to me like most of my troubles were based on having money. I think I've already said this, however, so I'll just stop there.
In short, I'm glad the proverbial sun is shining its rays of happiness~ (You know I'm not actually that corny, right?)

Well... this could have been a much better comment, but alas, it's time to leave~ Today, I'll imagine that I'm infiltrating an enemy company. Look at me, I am just a harmless co-worker, ahahahaha~ But in reality, I'll be there to learn their financial weaknesses, so we can take them out of the competition, MWAHA. (Actually, I'm just counting heads, so my ninjas know how many people they're going to have to kill.)

Kotetsu, Izumo! Let's go~!
The Book of Sailbook_of_sail on October 25th, 2010 04:35 pm (UTC)
Hello, it's me. I'm way too lazy to log out of this username right now, so please excuse me. *bow* I'm trying to update a few things, and do some editing, which can't be done from Everytwine. Ah well. I'm sure you can tell by my icon that it's me. GO LOUISE BROOKS.
Anyway, how do? Somehow I managed to stay up until midnight last night, wtf. These days I'm usually in bed by 10:30 or so. I'm like an old lady. So as a result, I got up pretty last today. But, it was also raining, so it's been dark out all day, so obviously there's was no way of knowing that i should get up. That's my excuse.

Good luck packing all your stuff! I don't know if you'll actually read this before all that happens. But the thought is there, anyway~ Personally I can't stand moving all my stuff around, so I hope everything goes smoothly for you! It's crazy that you're going to be getting it done so soon. When I was moving into my apartment back in the day, it took me like a week to finally get everything over there. But then again, I only really had my car to move things. Bleah.

I think you're right about the RP~ At this point, there are things that COULD happen right now, but they're probably going to be a handful of small things that we already know won't kill or maim either of the characters. Obviously Ginko's going to have to use his bottle of cure-mushi, and obviously Adashino's vaccine eventually makes them both immune. I guess the next big thing worth writing would be the ESCAPE FROM THE VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED. And then realizing the rest of Japan is also royally screwed.
Oops, looks like you guys are gonna have your work cut out for you. Get used to those swords. Good thing Ginko is already familiar with living on the run.

You have to pay taxes? you must have made a lot. O__o All this time having all kinda of jobs, and I've never had to pay anything when tax season rolls around. Not even when I had the manager gig. M-sama works very hard!
I guess in that case, a job would probably be a good thing. But if your parents are helping take care of you, maybe you can get some slow part-time thing, and not have to work as much. It'd certainly be easier to save up if you're not paying for rent. Yup yup.

Speaking of jobs and such, I got in tomorrow for like an hour. I'll be getting a little bit of training and my uniform. I am so revved that I get to wear a cute apron, omfg. Somehow that's like the best thing ever.

Well, it's my turn for a gimp comment this time~ I finally started doing some real writing on chapter five for HotS, so I think I'll try and get back to doing that. I'm really stuck on what I should do... But I want to get this stupid story finished, so I'll have to force my way through it.
So good luck with packing and moving! I shall talk to you later~ :D